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National Day Parade 2018 - 2020

The Singapore National Day Parade is a national ceremony in Singapore that includes a parade on Singapore's National Day on August 9, in commemoration of Singapore's independence that is usually held at the Float @ Marina Bay, various decentralized venues all over Singapore, Padang and the National Stadium.

SMU Commencement 2014 - 2019

Singapore Management University's Commencement celebrates the official graduation of a whole new cohort. Every year, the new graduating cohort joins the ranks of thousands of SMU alumni as future leaders of business, government, academia and private enterprise. The bold and grand extraveganza commemorates the graduates' exciting journey and achievements.

Singapore Writers Festival 2013 - 2018

The Singapore Writers Festival is considered one of Asia’s premier literary events that promote both new and emerging Singaporean and Asian writing to an international audience, as well as presents the world’s major literary talents to Singaporeans.  Founded in 1986 as Singapore Writers’ Week, it is one of the few literary festivals in the world which is multi-lingual, celebrating works in Singapore’s four official languages –English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil – as well as other languages. Over the years, SWF has become an exciting meeting point of writers and thinkers in a choice spread of lectures, panel discussions, workshops, masterclasses and performances in 10 days.