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Starting our journey as a signage installation company, E35 Ptd Ltd has expanded the business since 2012 to specialise in the following areas – Events, Exhibition, Signage and Interior.


Our experienced accounts servicing team works closely with project managers and in-house designers to ensure expectations, deadline and budget are met. Client can be assured that on-site requirements are well taken care by our professional production team and craftsmen.


With our professional and passionate team, we are committed to deliver effective and quality solutions to our clients.

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UV Large Format Printing
Vinyl Sticker Die-cut Plotting
Solvent Large Format Printing
Acrylic & Plywood Laser Cutting
Tailor-made Carpentry
Custom Metal Works
Purpose-built Acrylic
3D Design
Graphic Design

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Prior to starting E35, he gained experience in architecture, interior and signage with Pico Art and CPG Consultants. From many local and foreign events, Thomas has a deep grasp of Asia-Pacific markets. His vast knowledge and capabilities have made him known for professionalism and apt solutions.
Roy started in MICE at the established Pico Art. In his 6 years there, he was in the production, logistics and events planning teams for many major local and foreign events. With vast knowledge in AV and production, he played an important role in delivering ultimate experience to all clients.
With passion and dedication, Alex strives for the ‘wow’ factors at every event. Being in the MICE industry for over 10 years, he is very well equipped to plan, conceptualize and execute events of any scale. One can always count on Alex to deliver authentic and fresh ideas for the next project.
Running events well for more than 10 years, he has done the full range of projects, from design and hospitality to technical and security. With a good understanding of clients’ needs, he creates great solutions with the team and curates fine concepts that implement smoothly and are well received.
With over 5 years in MICE, she has vital experience in events planning and marketing. Through local and overseas events for private and government organisations, she has vast knowledge and ability to think steps ahead. Her keen eye for details ensures professionalism and reliability of her works.
An advocate of situational adaptability, he is quick to grasp situations and requirements accurately. With his resourcefulness and ability to deliver fast and effective solutions, Jason has, in his 12 years of experience in the MICE industry, successfully account managed and led many local and overseas projects.
With more than 10 years of experience, he is well versed in project and logistics management. Eric has immense knowledge in large format printing, signage installation and interior fittings. His professionalism and resourcefulness has helped to expedite timelines and deliver smooth operations.
With over 5 years of experience, he is very equipped with the required skills for fabrication and installation of all types of signage. Over the years, Aung has overseen many projects and has a sharp eye for perfection in his work. Focused and task-oriented, he delivers with precision and accuracy.
Equipped with over 6 years’ experience in the print industry, she has clear idea of clients’ needs and possesses good product knowledge. Thus, Ivy delivers with high efficiency. As a holistic individual, she works hard to stay up to date with design trends. This helps her infuse practicality and effectiveness into creatives.
A visual creative from Indonesia, she always has eyes for good aesthetics and designs. “Beauty with purpose” is the influence of her work. Over 7 years of experience has shaped Annisa to become a versatile designer with critical sense in details. Clients can be assured that she will deliver their vision.
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