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Established since 2006 as a signage & design specialist concerntrating on interior fittings / installations, E35 Pte LTD had successfully revamped all signage fittings for major supermarket chains; Cold Storage, 7-Eleven and Shop & Save under Dairy Farm Singapore.

Since then, E35 Pte LTD has evolved into a full-fledged Event Management Organization building on their core competencies to provide a high quality one-stop solution provider from conceptualization, design and execution for Corporates & Government based clients in the M.I.C.E Industry locally and overseas.

The dedicated team at E35 Pte LTD is equipped with more than a decade of in-depth events knowledge that has led to execution of highly successful events. The Mission of E35 Pte LTD is to strive to push the limits in: Exploring possibilities, creation of the “wow” Experience whilst providing the assurance to all clients that all work processes are Effective for competitive costings.

Our Persistence in achieving our core competencies has led E35 Pte LTD to lead a distinct identity in:

  • Exposure in diversity of Events – Knowledge Sharing with Clients to overcome challenges
  • Extensive skill sets assists in logical resolution should demanding situations arise
  • Enhance building of relationship with vendors and clients to stay competitive in totality of services
  • Execution of project on a timely basis
  • Exceeding Expectations

E35 Pte LTD is an Emerging Force in MICE industry with our purposeful team of Spin-Doctors who strive to make each and every event a success.